People First Portland is entirely volunteer run, and we need your help!

Below, you'll find a list of roles and tasks we currently need filled, with urgent roles marked with an asterisk(*)

General Communication/Media

  • Share PFP social media posts multiple times per week*

  • Craft effective social media content

  • Assist with strategic sharing of social media content

  • Assist with the development and implementation of “PFP TV”

Charter Platform

  • Directly edit the initial rough draft of the charter document*

  • Participate in the development of coalition building strategy*

  • Participate in direct coalition outreach and relationship building*

  • Develop, implement, or facilitate various organizing skills share sessions with coalition partners*

  • Create/distribute content for public information sharing related to information on the charter process/history

  • Collaborate with full team to set implementation goals and timeline*

  • Facilitate front and back end technical supports for the charter platform online

  • Research tools and resources from other cities that Portland can leverage

  • Plan public listening/development sessions

  • Coordinate listening sessions and forms with directly impacted folks common community leaders, and policy experts

Referendum Implementation

  • Research tools and resources from other cities on similar ballot initiatives that Portland can leverage

  • Develop recommendations for city to implement in 2021 (model policies and procedures for rent board, etc.)

  • Join/participate in related city councils//Commissioner/oversight meetings

  • Cultivate/build relationships with volunteers

  • Plan direct action efforts for contacting the Council (flagging city failings, bird dogging, etc.)

  • Create/distribute flyers for public information sharing

Logistics and Internal Operations

  • Assist with the development of weekly meeting agendas

  • Maintain website, research, and troubleshoot technical applications as needed (technical lead)

  • Monitor PFP team email/inbox

  • Assist with PFP financials, including fundraising and tracking

  • Assist with volunteer intake/on boarding process (biweekly drop in sessions, individual outreach)

  • Assist in the development of PFP group norms/community values

  • Facilitate volunteer communication during actions/events (acting as a “volunteer point person”)